Comings and Goings, Grants, and Publications.

In the midst of a busy summer, we have had some comings, goings, new grant, and a new paper. We welcome Sherif Gerges as a visiting summer undergrad and Josh Michener as a new postdoc, fresh off his Caltech Ph.D. Unfortunately we had to give our best wishes to a few departing lab members: postdocs Jessi Purswani (headed back to Valencia for a postdoc) and Alex Bradley (starting off his new lab at Wash. U.), and lab manager/technician extraordinaire Maryska Kaczmarek (heading off to study Evolution for her Ph.D. at UT Austin). Speaking of UT Austin, a proposal led by Claus Wilke to the Army Research Office there has been awarded. His lab, ours, and six others are looking to see if we can make a statistical association between growth conditions and cellular composition. Should be a fun challenge! Finally, a new paper of mine has been accepted that describes an accidental, surprising finding of mine a few years ago. Some of the replicate populations I initiated didn’t grow to full density from single colonies that I used to start each one, and they started to crash. Most of them recovered after a few cycles but one population remained alive but >100 times lower density than the others. It turns out that it specifically adapted to life at low density and lost fitness at standard densities.

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