Using Gene Editing and an Accumulated Bioproduct as a Reporter for Genotypic and Phenotypic Heterogeneity in Growth-vs-Production for Methylobacterium extorquens Conversion of Aromatics to Butanol

Christopher J. Marx,Ankur B. Dalia,Sergey Stolyar,Andreas E. Vasdekis,1

1University of Idaho, Moscow, ID; 2Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

Project Goals: With a unique capacity to assay growth and production – for either a tremendous number of genotypes in a mixture, or for individual cells – we will provide an unprecedented view of the critical tradeoff between growth and production. This will be used to guide development of M. extorquens as a novel platform for conversion of methoxylated aromatics to butanol. We will accomplish this work through the following aims:

  1. Engineer/evolve improved use of methoxylated aromatics in M. extorquens
  2. Explore growth-vs-production tradeoffs for genetic and phenotypic variation in PHB production
  3. Combine improvements in substrate use and production capacity
  4. Exchange PHB synthesis for butanol synthesis to test best genotypes